Result groups allow you to collect points achieved for answers chosen on a questionnaire by defining the group to which each question belongs. This requires that points are defined for the answers in the answer groups assigned to each question.

You enable result groups by selecting the check box on the tab of the form.

You can then:

  • Print a results report that shows results per result group. You can also use points/texts to define point intervals and appropriate text for scores in each interval. When you print the report, the text that is displayed is dependant on the score achieved in the group.

  • Generate statistics for each result group to help you analyze results.

Example - Points/texts for a result group 3

The following table is an example of points/texts defined for a result group.

Point Interval


1 to 20

You can be resolute and have a generally positive outlook.

21 to 40

You are enterprising and resolute; you are highly enthusiastic and generally positive.

41 to 60

You take initiative, you are resolute, you are full of enthusiasm and energy, and you are very positive.

Note Note

A result group can only be used for one questionnaire.

Calculating the maximum number of points

You can click to automatically calculate the maximum combined points achievable within a result group.

Note Note

If the check box is selected on the questions you assign to the result group, each row counts in the total as an independent question.

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