Validation is a feature in the section. By using validation, you can combine employees, projects, and categories for access control.

For example, groups of employees or individual employees can be given or refused entry to specific categories or projects when transactions are entered in journals.

You set up validation when you register entries in the , , , and forms. Therefore, you can limit lists of employees, projects, and categories that are available for registration.


You create a group for junior sales personnel in the form and add:

  • All junior salespeople.

  • All categories for transactions to be entered by junior sales personnel.

Finally, you set the parameter for category/employees to in the form ( > ).

When a junior salesperson enters a transaction line in the form, the only available categories are the categories that are defined for the junior sales personnel group.

In addition to the categories that are specified in the junior sales personnel group, you can add extra categories to particular employees within the group. These employees then select from extra categories when they register their hours.

Topics about validation



Define validation connections

Provides procedural information about how to create and define validation connections for projects, employees, and categories.

Setting up validation

Provides conceptual information about how to prepare for and set up validation.

Set up validation groups

Provides procedural information about how to set up project/category, project/employee, or category/employee validation groups.

Set up validation parameters

Provides procedural information about how to set up validation parameters in the parameters form.

Enable validation parameters

Provides procedural information about how to enable the validation parameters for projects and employees.