A shipment template is a collection of default settings used when a new shipment is created. The more information that is specified on the shipment template, the easier it is to create a new shipment. You can create any number of shipment templates so that as little information as possible needs to be changed on the individual shipments.

The mandatory information on a shipment template includes:

Shipments can be created manually or automatically. Automatic creation of shipments is a setup option on the form. When an output order is created, the existing shipment templates are searched for a site and warehouse that matches the output order. If a template is found, a new shipment is created and the output order is added to it. In instances when more than one template matches the output order, the template option is used to determine the template with the lowest priority, which is used to create the shipment.

If no template is found, you can create a shipment manually in the form, or you can add it to an existing shipment.

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