Use the work planner to create employee profiles. When you save a work plan, the appropriate records are created in the form.

  1. Click > > :

  2. In the section, select the appropriate dates.

  3. To display Saturdays and Sundays, select the check box.

  4. In the section, click a profile color.

Note Note

Set up colors for profiles in > > > .

  1. To apply the selected profile, click boxes in the pane.

Note Note

You can also apply profiles for entire profile groups on the tab.

  1. Continue to apply profiles as necessary.

  2. When your plan is finished, click to update the form

Deleting selections in the work planner

There are two ways to delete your selections in the work planner.

  • Click to delete all selections that you have not saved yet.

  • Select the check box and then clear the check boxes where the wrong selections were made.

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