The profile calendar is used for defining and using special days for employees or groups of employees. Usually the profile group calculates the profile for the employee using the clock-in time. But the values defined in the profile calendar can override this. For more information about profiles and profile groups, see About profiles.

The profile calendar is typically used in relation to holidays and other atypical working days.

The profile calendar can also be used when shift work cannot be controlled by using the profile groups. The work planner function is an add-on tool for the profile calendar and provides a quick way of planning different shifts for employees.



Set up profile calendar

Provides procedural information about how to make future profile selections using the profile calendar.

About special days

Provides conceptual information about special days.

Create special days

Provides procedural information about how to set up special days.

About work planner

Provides conceptual information about the work planner tool.

Apply profiles using work planner

Provides procedural information on how to use the work planner to plan shift work.