There are several ways in which you can quickly view various performance related information:

  • Cockpits can display business or performance information relevant to a particular employee or group of employees.

  • The scorecard overview provides fast access to current or historical scorecard results.

  • By using measurement statistics, you can query posted transactions for a specific number of periods.

  • Graphical indicators can display a graphic representation of the value of a measurement.



About cockpits

Provides conceptual information about working with performance cockpits.

Set up a cockpit

Provides procedural information about setting up cockpits.

About the scorecard overview

Provides conceptual information about working with the scorecard overview.

About measurement statistics

Provides conceptual information about working with measurement statistics.

Calculate measurement statistics

Provides procedural information about calculating measurement statistics.

Run a transaction count

Provides procedural information about running a transaction count.

View a measurement value in a graphical indicator

Provides procedural information about displaying a graphical indicator for a measurement.