When you work with service agreements and service agreements lines, you use data that is set up in the following areas of the section.

Project prices

The cost and the sales price for a service agreement transaction are derived from the cost price setup that applies for the project attached to the service agreement. Cost and sales prices can be set up per project, employee, and category. For more information about Project cost and sales prices, see About cost price setupand About sales price setup.

Project validation

The projects, employees, and categories available for selection on a service agreement line can be limited by the validation setup in the section. With the validation setup you can combine employees, projects, and categories for control access. For more information about validation, see Setting up validation.

Project line properties

A line property is automatically entered for a service agreement line.

Line properties are created in the form in and the line property that is entered on a service agreement is attached to the project selected for the service agreement and subsequently inherited by the service agreement line. For more information about line properties, see About line-property setup.

Default offset accounts

If you enter an expense transaction, a default expense offset account is automatically selected for this transaction. The default expense account is set up on the project attached to the current service agreement. For more information about default expense accounts, see Default offset accounts for expenses (form).

Project categories

The categories that are available for service agreement lines are set up in the form in the section. For more information about project categories, see About project category groups.

Note Note

Categories with the check box selected on the tab in the form are available for selection. However, if the check box is selected on the tab in , all categories are available for selection.

Project parameters

If the field in is selected, you can select inactive employees in addition to active employees in the and the forms.

Also, you can enable the and fields on the tab in to enter start and end times on service order lines.

Enable the start and end times feature on service orders

  1. Click > > .

  2. Click the tab, and select the check box.

  3. Click > > > .

  4. Select the journal name attached to the service order.

  5. Click the tab, and select the check box.

Note Note

Select the journal name for the service order in the field on the tab in .

For more information on about Project journal names, see About journal names.