This master scheduling scenario involves the following conditions:

  • The multisite functionality is activated. Therefore, the site dimension is mandatory and must be entered on the demand transaction.

  • The warehouse dimension is not set to mandatory. The warehouse may be known, but it is not used in the master scheduling calculation.

  • The site and warehouse dimensions are set for coverage planning. Other dimensions may be set for coverage planning also. However, they are not affected by the multisite functionality.

The following graphic illustrates how the master scheduling proceeds. The parameters that are referred to in the graphic, and their locations, are as follows:

  • The warehouse is set to Manual. Click > > > . On the tab, see the field.

  • Item coverage is defined for the item. Click > . Select the item and then click > .

  • Refill relations are defined for the warehouse. Click > > > . On the tab, see the field group.

  • BOM is set to Stop explosion. Click > , and select the BOM. Click the tab and see the field.

Demand for site and warehouse, warehouse not

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