You can use the function to create several bills of material (BOMs) that are composed of the same components, but have small differences. By copying an existing BOM that has most of the components and adding changes to the new version in the individual lines, you can avoid having to create many BOMs that are almost identical.


You decide to copy the original BOM and add an extra item to create a new BOM version for item FLL-2500. Item FLL-2500 currently has the BOM version number 220.

  1. Select FLL-2500, click > .

  2. Click .

  3. In the field, enter the ID FLL-2500/07 and select the check box. The Copydialog box appears.

  4. On the side, the and fields are automatically filled in with BOM item FLL-2500 and the current BOM number of 220.

  5. On the side, the BOM number field is automatically filled in with the next BOM number, according to the number sequence; in this case, 221.

  6. Click . The contents of the original BOM version are copied into the newly created BOM version, called FLL-2500/07. You then add the extra item RM-PTube/12 and specify a Fromdate, beginning on January 1st 2007 and ending on December 31st 2007.

NoteYou can copy BOMs from both base data and production.

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