By using templates, you can define a service agreement as a template and later copy the lines of the template into another service agreement or into a service order.


A customer for whom you provide service has identical service elevators at five different locations.

You want to set up five service agreements for the customer, one for each site. To limit repetitive setup work, and to make sure that the setup information in the service agreements is identical, you create a service agreement and specify it as a template for the service work on the elevators.

You can now copy the template lines into the five new service agreements so that each service agreement is populated with the lines from the template.

Creating a template

When you create a service template, you create a service agreement, create the required lines on it, and then you attach the service agreement to a service template group.

Note Note

A service agreement can only be defined as a template if it has no service orders attached to it. Also, no service orders can be generated from a service agreement that has been defined as a template.

Copying template lines

You can copy template lines from a service template into another service agreement or into a service order.

When you copy template lines into your service orders or service agreements, your template groups are displayed in a tree view where each group can be expanded. This display lets you view each template and template line.

It is easier to determine which service template lines you want to copy if you have grouped the templates under names that reflect the use of the templates.

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