Miscellaneous charges can be set up for return orders in much the same way as they are for sales orders and purchase orders.

  1. Click > Common Forms> to open the form.

  2. Select or create the return order to which you want to apply miscellaneous charges.

  3. From the order header area or the order lines area, depending on which of these levels that you want to set up miscellaneous charges, click > to open the form.

  4. On the tab, select the code for the charge in the field.

    The transaction text is loaded automatically based on the definition of the charge in the form.

  5. Edit the text in the field if you want to modify the transaction text before you post the order.

  6. In the field, indicate how the charge should be calculating by selecting , , or ), and then enter a value in the field.

  7. In the field, select a different currency for the charge if you want to use a different currency than is specified for the return order.

  8. Select the check box if you want to keep the miscellaneous charges transaction after invoicing.

  9. On the tab, if necessary, specify a different sales tax group or item sales tax group.

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