The following table lists the customer service reports. The table entries are organized by business process component and then alphabetized by report name.

Business process component

Report name


Fulfill service contracts

Service agreement

Lists the service agreements.

Service contract

Lists the service contracts based on projects.

Service order

Lists the service orders.

Service order margin

Lists the revenue per service order.

Template BOM lines

Lists the bill of materials (BOM) lines that were created per template BOM.

Handle customer inquiries

Customer schedule

Lists the service orders in progress, sorted by start dates.

Repair history by service object

Lists the repair history of individual service objects.

Repair history by technician

Lists the repair history by individual technicians.

Resolution by diagnosis

Lists the resolutions to repair lines by diagnosis.

Resolution by symptom

Lists the resolutions to repair lines by symptoms.

Service order progress

Lists the service orders in process and their service stages.

Deliver service

Created subscription fee

Lists the subscription fee transactions that were created by subscription.

Service BOM history

Lists the service history of service BOMs sorted by service objects.

Service BOM lines

Lists the service BOM lines sorted by service order or service agreement.

Service object

Lists the service objects.

Service subscriptions

Lists the service subscriptions.

Service task

Lists the service tasks that were applied in service orders and service agreements.

Transaction - Subscription

Lists the subscription transactions per project statement.

Work description

Lists the tasks and resources that are required for a field service technician to fulfill service orders.

Work receipt

Lists the tasks and resources that are required to fulfill service orders.