An estimate reflects a point in time during a project for which the past is measured by transactions and future costs are estimated.

What are estimates applied to?

Apply estimates so that Microsoft Dynamics AX will follow up on the expected total consumption on fixed-price projects and investment projects. On fixed price-projects, the consumption cost is compared to the contract value in order to control the expected profit. Also, estimates are applied:

  • To calculate a percentage of completion during the project.

  • To match and recognize cost and revenue on the profit and loss account in the same ledger period.

NoteYou can use a percentage of completion on fixed-price projects posted according to the Completed percentage assessment principle.

Topics about estimates



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Conceptual information about cost estimates and cost estimate lines.

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Conceptual information about accounting principles and the prerequisites for the percentage of completion.

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Conceptual information about processing estimates for projects.

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About estimate status overview

Conceptual information about the overview of the estimate after it has been posted.

Attach a project to an estimate

Provides procedural information about attaching a project to an estimate.

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Conceptual information about maintaining estimates individually or in batches.