If file formats are not available for selection in the field on the tab of the form – or if the file format that you want to use is not listed – follow this procedure:

  1. Click > > > > .

  2. In the drop-down list, select . This activates the tab.

  3. On the tab, click .

  4. In the pane of the form, select the relevant file format, and then click the less-than arrow ( <) to move the file format to the pane.

    1. Alternatively, use the less than double-arrow button ( <<) to move all the file formats to the pane.

    Note Note

    If you move an available item in error, select it in the pane and click the greater-than arrow ( >) to move it back to the pane.

  5. Close the form.

The file formats that you selected are now available in the field on the tab.

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