This section provides overviews of the fulfilling service contracts business process components, lists the forms associated with each business process component, and discusses the tasks associated with each business process component.

Develop and establish contract

Monitor and implement contract

Update and evaluate contract

Fulfill service contracts business process component forms

The following table lists the forms that support the fulfill service contracts business process component. The table entries are organized by business process component task and then alphabetically by form name.

Note Note

Some forms in the following table require information or parameter settings to navigate to them.

Business process component task

Form name


Develop and establish contract

Service agreements

Create and maintain service agreements.


Create and maintain service subscriptions.

Monitor and implement contract

Change service order stage

Select the next stage in the service order workflow.

Service orders

Create and maintain service orders.

Update and evaluate contract

Cancel service level agreement

Cancel the service level agreement on a service order.

Cancel service orders

Cancel service orders or reverse the Canceled status of service orders.

Index subscription

Update base price and indexes for subscriptions.