Use this information to post invoices that have been entered in an invoice pool.

  1. Click > > > .

  2. Create a journal. For more information, see the first steps in Create and validate a journal and journal lines.

  3. Click to open the form.

  4. Click to open the list of invoice vouchers in the invoice pool. These invoices are posted to temporary accounts and are awaiting approval.

  5. Select the invoice vouchers that have been approved, click to move them to the lower pane, and click OK.


    To select all vouchers, click and click OK.

  6. Select a voucher in the upper pane of the form. In the lower pane, view the transaction lines that are created when the voucher is posted.

    Ledger accounts from the temporary posting are already selected for these lines, but you must select the appropriate ledger account for the open line.

  7. Click > to verify that the invoice in the upper pane is ready for posting.

    Note Note

    Instead of validating each line, you can click > when the account information is complete for all the invoices.

  8. Repeat steps 6 and 7 until you have entered account information for all the invoices.

  9. Click .

The posted invoices can now be settled in the form.

Note Note

If you cannot post and you receive an error message that mentions posting restrictions, you might be set up to post only journals that you created. For more information, see Posting restrictions (form).

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