1. Open the journal in which you want to create journal lines.


    Click > > .

  2. Press CTRL+N to create a new line.

  3. Select a journal in the field.

  4. Enter information in other fields as appropriate.

    Note Note

    Some fields in the journal contain default values that are assigned to the journal from the form, and these fields are not usually edited.

  5. Click . In the first line on the tab of the form, enter values in the relevant fields. Some of the fields may be filled in automatically with values from fields in the form.

    Note Note

    Some journals are more limited, such as the form, and not all of the fields that are listed in the example are available.


    Create a journal in the form. Click , and create lines in the form for each of the vouchers that you want to enter in the journal. Make entries in the following fields:

    • (This is optional, but eases the entry of lines in the journal because your cursor automatically goes to the appropriate or field.)

    • or , as appropriate.

    • .

    • – You can use two or more lines if you want to specify more than one offset account for the same voucher.

  6. Press the DOWN ARROW key to create a new line, and then enter information about the next voucher.

  7. After you enter all the voucher lines, click , and then click (or ). This validates that all the lines (or the selected lines) are ready for posting.

    Note Note

    You can also validate all the lines in the journal in the form.

The lines are now ready for you to post in the form or in the form.

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