The following table lists the forms that support setting up and maintaining Sales and marketing. The table entries are organized by task and then alphabetically by form name.

Note Note

Some forms in the following table require information or parameter settings to navigate to them.

For more information about setup and maintenance tasks, see the System and Application Setup Guide.


Form name


Configuring contacts, customers, and business relations


Define levels of personal characters to select from when you are creating a contact person record.

Company chains

Create a list of parent companies and the companies or business units that live under the parent companies.


Create and store information about competitors.

Complimentary close

Create closings to use in written communication with contact persons.

Contact persons

Create and maintain information about company contacts.

Customer groups

Create groups of customers who share key parameters.


Create a list of decision codes to use when describing the contact person's influence on the decision making process for a business relation.

File format definition

Define the tables where imported information will be located in Microsoft Dynamics AX.

Functions of persons

Create a list of job functions to categorize the areas of job responsibility for a business relation's contact person.

Global address book

Create and maintain information about all entities that are working with the company.

Import business sectors

Define classification codes for business relations.


Create a list of both professional and personal interests for use when entering information for a contact person.

Job title

Set up a list of job titles for a contact person.


Define a list of phrases that describe a contact person's loyalty to a company.


Create quotation phases to use when tracking quotation progress,

Phone parameters

Set up telephony integration.


Define priority types for lead records.


Define probability rates for sales orders.


Create prognosis periods for sales quotations.


Define ratings to assign to lead records.


Define reasons that a quotation or sale was won or lost.

Relation types

Set up business relation types.

Relation/Prospect journal

Import and validate file format types.

Sales districts

Set up a list of geographical areas that can be used for sales and sales statistics.


Create salutations that can be used when communicating with contact persons.


Set up general business segments to categorize business relations.

Source type

Create source types for leads and opportunities.


Create a list pf phrases to describe the performance of a business relation.


Set up more specific business segments to further categorize business relations.


Create lead types to select from when you create a lead record.

Vendor groups

Create groups for vendors that share common parameter information.

Defining Sales and marketing processes and stages

Activity phases

Create a list of activity phases for use in tracking the status of an activity.

Activity plans

Set up activity plans.

Activity types

Create possible activity types.

Campaign group

Create campaign groups in order to ge erally categorize campaigns.

Campaign process

Create processes for campaigns.

Campaign target

Specify campaign targets for campaigns.

Campaign type

Create campaign types for a more detailed categorization of campaigns.

Document conclusions

Create conclusions for quotation documents.

Document intros

Create introductions and salutations for quotation documents.

Document titles

Create titles for use in quotation documents.

E-mail category

Set up e-mail categories.

E-mail groups

Set up e-mail groups.

E-mail template

Create e-mail templates for marketing campaigns.

Mailing category

Set up mailing categories for contacts.

Mailing items

Set up subcategories for each mailing category.


Define the parameter rules for the Sales and marketing area.

Qualify process

Create processes for qualifying leads.

Query administration

Set up tables, fields, and methods for queries.

Reason canceled

Enter reasons why a telemarketing call might have been canceled.

Record group

Set up record groups for importing file format definition.


Assign responsibilities to job descriptions.

Sales process

Create processes for sales.

Sales unit/team

Create and maintain sales units.

Integrating with Microsoft Office Outlook


Set reminder minutes for activities and default activity start and end times and store employee information.

Microsoft Dynamics to Microsoft Office Outlook mapping

Define how the contacts stored in Microsoft Dynamics AX and Microsoft Office Outlook should be mapped.

Microsoft Office Outlook administration

Review and maintain contact person synchronization between Microsoft Dynamics AX and Microsoft Office Outlook.

Microsoft Office Outlook setup wizard

Create a user identification for an employee, and synchronize the employee's activities in and Microsoft Office Outlook.

Microsoft Office Outlook synchronization parameters

Define the parameter rules for integration between Microsoft Dynamics AX and Microsoft Office Outlook.

My contacts

Add and synchronize contacts from Microsoft Office Outlook to Microsoft Dynamics AX and from Microsoft Dynamics AX to Microsoft Office Outlook.


Synchronize contacts, tasks, and appointments in Microsoft Office Outlook with Microsoft Dynamics AX.

User relations

Assign a user to a user ID.