Expense management enables you create an integrated workflow where you can store payment method information, import credit card transactions, and track the money that employees are spending when they incur expenses for your business. You can also define expense policies and automate the reimbursement of travel expenses. The Expense management module integrates with Project, Accounts payable, and the General ledger. While the administrative work in Expense management in performed in the Microsoft Dynamics AX client, Enterprise Portal is where expense reports and cash advance requests are made.

Project enables you to plan, organize, and manage company projects. A company's processes, budgets, and resources can be entered and monitored for each project. The projects that you create in the Project module can be integrated with other areas of Microsoft Dynamics AX, such as Accounts payable, Accounts receivable, and Production.

Expense management business process

The following process flow illustrates the Expense management business process.

Project business process

The Project content set does not map to our content model organization for this Microsoft Dynamics AX release. The Help content for the Project content set is menu-driven as it has been for earlier releases of Microsoft Dynamics AX Help.

Expense management integrations

The Expense management module does not currently integrate with other Microsoft products.

Project integrations

Project integrates with the following Microsoft programs:

  • Microsoft Office Excel

  • Microsoft Office Project Professional and Project Server

NoteIntegration considerations, such as supported environments and platforms, are discussed in the System and Application Setup Guide.