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Use this report to obtain the weekly work schedule for employees in the selected period.

The report is primarily for printout of the work schedule when applying the in planning profile selections for employees. The provides the data for the report.

Navigating the report

The following tables provide descriptions for the controls in this report.




Enter information in the active fields to set up the report. These fields may not be present on some reports.

If you want to set up the report as a batch job, enter information in the appropriate fields.




Open a query in which you can select the data that is to be included in the report.

Return to the default settings of the query.

Set up how you want to deliver the report, such as formatting for a printer, printing, or saving as a file.

Change the starting time and starting date of the batch job or to set up a recurring batch job.




Specify the start date of the report.

Specify the end date of the report.

Select to insert a page break after each employee.

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