Use this form to transfer realized balances on ledger accounts to the budget.

Navigating the form

The following tables provide descriptions for the controls in this form.




Select the budget model to which the balances will be transferred.

Define the number of units for which balances will be transferred to the budget. The unit is selected in the next field.


If you have a balance in February and choose to shift the balance by 3 months, the budget will be created in May of the same year.

Select the unit ( , , or ) to use when shifting the date during transfer to budget.

Enter text for the field that appears on the budget line.

Specify the factor by which the selected balances are to be multiplied before the new budget lines are created. The default value for the field is 1.0.


If you want the budget balances to be 10 percent higher than the realized balances, enter a factor of 1.10.

Enter the minimum amount that a realized balance must meet to be transferred to the budget.

For example, if you enter 500.00, balances below this amount are not transferred to the budget.

Enter the unit to be used in rounding off the balances selected for transfer to the budget, for example, 10.00.

Select this check box to transfer by dimension values.

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