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Use this form to reverse a vendor payment. You might do this if you need to reissue a payment that you made to a vendor. Reversing a payment reverses the transactions and any related settlements.

If a payment has been reconciled in the bank statement, the payment cannot be reversed.

Tasks that use this form

Navigating the form

The following table provides descriptions for the controls in this form.




Enter the date on which to reverse the payment.

Select the reason why you are reversing the payment.

Note Note

A reason code is required if the check box is selected in the form. For more information, see Bank parameters (form).

Enter more information about the reason (optional).

If you select a reason code before you enter a reason comment, the default comment that is set up for the reason code is displayed. You still can change the comment.

The bank account on which the check was drawn.

The check number of the check that you are reversing.

Select this check box to designate the check as reconciled when the payment reversal is posted.

Select the journal name that is the template for the reversal transaction.

You can edit this field only if the check box in the form is selected, and you opened this form from Bank.

This list includes all journal names that have a journal type of and that you or your user group have access to based on the journal name setup.