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Use this form to set up a cost price per hour transaction.

You can set up a standard cost price for the project category, or you can set up cost prices by employee number, project number, category, date, or any combination thereof. The actual cost price that is applied will be the cost price with the highest level of detail.


If a general and an employee-specific cost price are set up, the system selects the employee-specific cost price when the employee enters transactions in the Hour journal.

Navigating the form

The following tables provide descriptions for the controls in this form.




Overview tab

View the hour cost prices in the system; create new cost prices; and define the following properties as required by selecting the relevant values from the drop-down lists in the fields:

date, , , and .

General tab

View specific information for the active hour cost price.




Enter a date if the cost price should apply from a specific date.

Select a category. For more information about categories, see Categories (form).

Enter the employee number to be associated with the current cost price. Employee numbers are maintained in the Employee form.

Select the project that the current cost price is to be attached to.

Enter the cost price of the unit.

Enter the cost price of the unit.

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