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Use this form to set up, edit, and view the sampling plans that will determine the quantity to be tested for a quality order. A sampling plan can be for a fixed quantity or a percentage. You assign a sampling plan to a group of tests, and the test group is assigned to a quality order.


A manufacturing company has several types of sampling plans as part of their quality guidelines. One sampling plan requires 100 percent inspection. A second sampling plan requires a sample quantity of 10 for each receipt during the first three months of purchasing a new item. A third sampling plan requires a sample of 5 percent of the order quantity whenever a particular manufactured item gets produced. The company defines information in the form in order to automatically generate quality orders that reflect the quality guidelines and sampling plans for specific items.

Navigating the form

The following tables provide descriptions for the controls in this form.




Define or view the item sampling plans.

View a selected item sampling plan.




Define or view the identifier of an item sampling plan.

Define or view the description of an item sampling plan.

Select or view whether the sampling plan is a percentage of the order quantity or a fixed quantity.

Enter or view the percentage or quantity of items to be tested.

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