Use this form to create and maintain extra items to be added to the sales and purchase order lines when a certain quantity of an item is sold or purchased.

Tasks that use this form

Navigating the form

The following tables provide descriptions for the controls in this form.




The code of the account or the account group, or both.

The account number or account group.

The item number or the item group, or both.

The item number or item group related to the - the bar code field.

Unit identification.

The quantity limit for inclusion of a supplementary item.

A unique user-defined code that is assigned when items are created. We recommend that you not use special characters or spaces in the item number.

Note Note

Item numbers can be system generated by linking the item number to a Number sequences (form)

Select an item configuration to specify an item with specific attributes.

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Specifies the size of the item.

Specifies the color of the item.

Quantity of a supplementary item.

Determines the number of supplementary items added to the order line. For example, if you want to add supplementary items every time that an item is sold, the box should be set to 1. If you want to add every second time an item is sold the box should be set to 2.

Note Note

The supplementary items will be added only one time if the box is empty. Calculated supplementary items (form)

Valid from this date.

Valid until this date.

Select this check box if the supplementary item should be included free of charge.

Select this check box to make it optional to include the supplementary item.

Select this check box if the supplementary item should be added only one time.


The first time that you deliver a chemical product, handling instructions must be attached to the item.