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Use this form to set up, edit, and view the possible test results for a test variable that is associated with a qualitative test. You designate each outcome with a pass or fail status. You must define a variable and its outcomes for a qualitative test that is defined on the form with a test type of Option. Use the form to assign a test variable and the default outcome to an individual qualitative test.


A manufacturing company that produces cookies employs an inspection test of several variables of the finished product. One variable is taste, with the possible outcomes of good and bad. A second variable is color, with the outcomes of too dark, too light, and correct. Each outcome has an assigned status of pass or fail. During the inspection test for each variable, the inspector reports the test result by selecting one of the outcomes.

Navigating the form

The following tables provide descriptions for the controls in this form.




Enter or view test variable outcomes.

View information for a selected test variable outcome.




Enter or view the outcome that you expect when you inspect the variable. One or more outcomes can be defined for a variable.

Enter or view the description of the outcome.

Select or view whether a particular outcome will pass or fail the test. The status should be pass when the outcome is acceptable, and fail when the outcome is unacceptable.

Select or view the variable that is related to the outcome.

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