Use this form to view the transactions in the selected bank remittance file.

Navigating the form

The following table provides descriptions for the controls in this form.




Ledger journal number.

Voucher number for the transaction.

Account number for the transaction.

Currency of the transaction.

Debit amount.

For a French bill of exchange remittance, this amount might represent a payment fee expense. If this is the case, the payment fee is not included in the remittance form.

Credit amount.

Remittance type.

Unique identification of the remittance file.


Identification of the bill of exchange or promissory note.

  • Number 1 for the first cycle.

  • Number 2 for the first redraw action.

Status of the bill of exchange or promissory note.

The payment method used for the transaction.

For more information about payment methods, see Customer methods of payment (form).

Account number of the customer or vendor.

The total amount of the transaction in the given currency.

Due date of the transaction.

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