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Use this form to assign bar codes to selected fixed assets.

You can set up the batch job to run at recurrent intervals.

Note Note

To access this batch job, you selected the check box in the form. To create fixed assets without bar codes after assigning bar codes to selected fixed assets, clear the check box.

Tasks that use this form

Navigating the form

The following table provides descriptions for the controls in this form.




. For more information, see Processing batch jobs.




Select this option to activate .

Select this option to send an e-mail message to yourself when the batch job is complete. The field is available only if you have entered your e-mail address on the form.

Select the group to process as a batch.

The priority to assign to a fixed asset number to a bar code. You can enter 1 to 5.

If this option is selected, users or user groups are excluded from the journal.




Closes the form without saving changes.

Assigns fixed asset numbers to bar codes.

Opens the form, where you can schedule a repeating occurrence of the batch job.

Selects your choices in the form.