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Use this form to review check reversals with a status of , and then post or reject the reversals. Check reversals appear in this journal only if a user reversed a check (clicked the button in the form), and Bank is set up to require that check reversals be reviewed before they are posted.

To reject a reversal, delete the reversal line. The status of the check is no longer .

Tasks that use this form

Navigating the form

The following tables provide descriptions for the controls in this form.




Overview tab

View the journal lines for pending reversals in the check reversal journal that you selected.

General tab

View more information about the selected reversal line.

Dimension tab

View dimension values for the selected reversal line. The dimension values come from the dimensions in use on the original payment voucher.

Enter or view information about the bank from which the payment was made.

View the history of the reversal line.




Open a menu with the following items:

  • – Post lines without errors and transfer lines with errors to a new journal.

  • – Post the selected lines. If an error exists, no lines are posted, and you receive a message.

The function that you select is carried out on the lines that are selected on the tab.

Open a menu with the following items:

  • – Verify that the lines are ready for posting.

  • – Verify that the selected line is ready for posting.

View information about the selected line, depending on the posting status of the line.

For example, before you post the line, click to view the bank transactions for the bank account that is specified on the voucher transaction.

Print reports that are relevant to the reversal lines.




The balance, total debit, or total credit for the journal.

The balance, debit, or credit for the selected journal line.

If this check box is selected, the transaction is a transfer. Click the tab to view more details about transfers.

The reason code for the reversal, if a reason code was entered when the check was reversed. You can enter or change the reason code.

Note Note

A reason code is required if the check box is selected in the form.

A reason description (optional).

If you select a reason code before you enter a reason comment, the default comment that is set up for the reason code is displayed. You still can change the comment.

If this check box is selected, the currency code is included in triangulation.

Errors found during the validation or posting processes.

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