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Use this form to modify a template BOM or a service BOM.

Note Note

When you attach a template BOM to a service object, the template BOM becomes a service BOM. You can edit it by using the service object that the service BOM is attached to.

When a template BOM is applied as a service BOM, it can no longer be modified. To use a template BOM for more than one object, you must create a copy of the template BOM.

For information about how to edit a service BOM, see Modify a Service BOM.

For information about copying a template BOM, see Create a template BOM.

Navigating the form

The following table provides descriptions for the controls in this form.




Identification of the template BOM or service BOM.

The item of the template BOM that you want to modify.

The type for the selected BOM line:

Change the quantity of the selected item.

On a BOM template, this value can be changed to any number. If you change the value to zero, the line is deleted.

If you decrease the quantity on a service BOM, a history line is created. If you select the check box, the quantity can only be between one and the full quantity.

Identification of the unit type.

On a service BOM, you can select this check box to register a replacement of the selected item.

The configuration, size, and color of the item.

The service agreement that the service BOM is related to. The relation between a service agreement and a service BOM is created through a service object.

Select this check box to create a service order line for a replacement item.

Select this check box to create an item requirement from a service BOM. For example, you could reserve an item in inventory to be applied as a spare part.

Select the service order where the new service order line is created. Only service orders attached to the service agreement referenced in the field are available.