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Use this form to create and maintain quotation phases for use as when tracking the progress of a quotation.

The quotation phase describes the different stages of a quotation and is defined by the sales process of the company, frequently starting as a lead and ending as a contract or sales order.

The quotation phase should be updated as the quotation continues through its life cycle to have more precise data on the sales pipeline.


A company has studied its business process about the issuing of quotations and found that a salesperson will first meet with the opportunity to determine requirements. Next, the salesperson can issue a quotation, which can be negotiated. Finally, the quotations are accepted and converted into sales orders.

This results in the following (simplified) setup for the quotation phase:




Opportunity is not yet a customer, sales department to set up meeting.


Quotation sent to opportunity, awaiting response.


Negotiations ongoing for quotation.


Quotation accepted by the opportunity and converted to sales order.

Sorting order

The quotation phases are sorted by their placement in the company's sales process timeline. This sorting priority must be set up as numbers in the field, which defines the order that a quotation passes through the phases.

A "1" in the field comes in front of a "2" and so on.

The higher the sorting number is, the closer the quotation is to a contract or sales order.

The Lead phase comes in front of the Issued phase, and the sales process is complete with the Accept phase, as seen in the example.

Quotation phases are ordered numerically by and not alphabetically by .

Navigating the form

The following tables provide descriptions for the controls in this form.




Define the name of the quotation phase.

Define a more precise description of the quotation phase.

Define the sorting order of the active quotation phase. The sorting order shows how close the quotation is to being accepted. The higher the number, the closer the quotation is to being accepted and being converted to a sales order.