This section provides a list of country-specific reports for Russia that are generated for Bank.

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For more information about Bank reports, see "Bank reports" in the Applications and Business Processes Help.

The following table lists the Bank reports. The table entries are organized by business process component and then alphabetically by report name.

Business process component

Report name


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Cash book (report)

Generate a cash book and verify actual cash funds movement for reimbursements and disbursements.

Cash order (report)

Display a list of cash documents for a cash account based on a specified set of selection criteria.

Cash statement (report)

Display opening and closing balances for the selected cash account for the specified period.

Cash transactions (report)

Display a list of transactions for a cash account within a specified date range.

Check balance limit (report)

Display the cash balance for cash accounts for a specified date.

Exchange adjustment (report)

Display the exchange adjustment balance in the default currency on any reporting date, when the transactions are entered in foreign currencies.

Journal of registration of cash vouchers (report)

Prepare a cash receipt register reflecting reimbursement and disbursement cash vouchers for a cash account.