Vendor transactions that are reversed can be posted to the general ledger as correction transactions.

  1. Click General ledger> Setup> Parametersto open the General ledger parametersform.

  2. On the Ledgertab, under the Transaction reversalfield group, select the Correctioncheck box to post the vendor transaction as a correction.

  3. Press CTRL+S or close the form.

  4. Click Accounts payable> Common Forms> Vendor Detailsto open the Vendorsform.

  5. Select a vendor account.

  6. Click Transactionsto open the Vendor transactionsform.

  7. Select the transaction to reverse.

  8. Click Reverse transaction.

    Note Note

    For more information, see "Reverse a transaction" in the Applications and Business Processes Help.

  9. In the Reversal posting datefield, select the date for reversing the transaction.

  10. Click OKto return to the Vendor transactionsform.

    Note Note

    The transaction is displayed as a reversed transaction with a negative sign (-) in the Amount currencyfield. The Correctioncheck box on the Generaltab is automatically selected for the transaction that is reversed.

  11. Press CTRL+S or close the form.

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