1. Click Accounts receivable> Journals> Payments> Payment journal> Linesto open the Journal voucherform.

  2. On the Overviewtab, press CTRL+N to create a new line, and enter the required details.

    Note Note

    For more information, see "Customer payment journal lines (form)" in the Applications and Business Processes Help.

  3. In the Datefield, select the date of the payment.

  4. In the Accountfield, select the customer account number.

  5. In the Transaction textfield, select the transaction text.

  6. In the Creditfield, enter the sum of the payment.

  7. In the Offset account typefield, select the account type for the offset transaction.

  8. In the Offset accountfield, select the account number for the offset account type.

  9. In the Currencyfield, select the payment currency.

  10. Click the Generaltab. In the Contracts groupfield, select the contract group.

  11. In the DVRfield, select the contracts registration number.

    Note Note

    The Contracts groupand DVRfields are activated only when the Offset account typeis Customeror Vendor.

  12. Click the Paymenttab, and then select the Prepaymentcheck box.

  13. Select the Automatically facture creationcheck box to automatically create a facture when posting prepayments.

    Note Note

    You can set the default value in the Accounts receivable parametersform. If the check box is not marked, the facture on prepayment is created in postponed mode.

  14. Click Post> Postto post the advance payment to the journal.

    Note Note

    After the advance payment is registered, a facture is created automatically, and is posted in the sales book. The number for the facture is based on the number sequence that is set up in the General ledger parametersform for Prepayment facture, on the Number sequencestab.

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