The address format is used to determine how address data will be displayed when printed. You can apply the address format for every country/region in which commercial activity is carried out. By default, you can use the U.S. address format.

  1. Click Basic> Setup> Addresses> Address format> Wizard.

  2. Click Next. On the Continentsscreen, select the continents where the company conducts business.

  3. Click Next. On the Country/Regionscreen, select each country and region that you want to create an address format for.

  4. Click Next. On the Native country/regionscreen, select the native country and region from the list.

  5. Click Next. The Readyscreen will display the number of address formats to be created for the selected countries and regions.

  6. Click Finish.

Note Note

The countries and regions for which address formats are created are automatically added to the Country/regionform.

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