You can generate an advance report to report travel expenses after an employee has returned from a business trip.

  1. Click Accounts payable> Common Forms> Advance reports.

  2. In the upper pane, click the Overviewtab.

  3. In the Datefield, enter the transaction date.

    Note Note

    In the Advance reportfield, the number of the advance report is generated according to the number sequence setup.

  4. In the Adv. holderfield, select the advance holder code.

  5. In the Advance purposefield, enter the reason that the advance was made.

  6. In the Advance statusfield, the status of the document is displayed as either Postedor Open. The Amountfield displays total amount of the advance report lines.

  7. Click the Optionstab.

  8. In the Firming datefield, enter the date that the report will be confirmed.

  9. In the Pre-datefield, enter the date that the report will be accepted for verification.

  10. Click the Officialstab and select the position, name, and job title of the employee who approves the advance.

  11. Create advance report lines manually or by using the following functions:

    • Copy from sources

    • Copy from expends

  12. Click Postto post the report.

  13. Press CTRL+S or close the form.

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