1. Click Accounts receivable> Periodic> Amortization> Accounts receivable amortization cancellation.

  2. In the Calculation datefield, enter the transaction date of the amortization to be canceled. You can view the amortized debt total, both from the reserve and to the revenues or expenses account, in the From reserve for accounts receivableand To revenues/expenses accountfields.

  3. Select the Markcheck box to select the amortizations that you want to cancel. You can view the total for the lines you selected in the Totalfield under the Markedfield group.

  4. Click Updateto update the total amount for the records selected for cancelation. Transactions that cancel the amortizations are created.

    Note Note

    To view the original transactions, click Transactionunder Customersto open the Customer transactionsform.

  5. Press CTRL+S or close the form.

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