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Percent from receipt

Enter the percentage range within which the bad debt reserve is created.

Unrealized losses account

Select a ledger account where unrecoverable debt is written off when using up the reserve.

Bad debts reservation account

Select the ledger account where the bad debt reserve is created.

Expense code

Select an expense code that is attached to the unrecoverable debt write-off transaction.

Note Note

The field must be displayed for a correct expression of the voucher in the reserve account registers for debt amortization.

Automatically facture creation

Select this check box to automatically create a facture when posting prepayments.

Note Note

If you do not select this check box, the factures on prepayments are created in postponed mode.

Operation type

Select the default value for an undefined processing type in preliminary facture processing from the following options:

  • VAT 0%

  • Unconfirmed VAT 0%

  • VAT 0% with correction

  • Unconfirmed VAT 0% with correction

  • Overdue confirmation

  • Unconfirmed VAT 0% cancellation

    Note Note

    You can select only the VAT 0%and Unconfirmed VAT 0%operation types.

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