Table Import Definition window: Buttons


Field Info

Opens the Resource Description tool's Additional Field Information window, which displays information about the field currently selected in the scrolling window.


Saves the changes you've made to this import definition.


Deletes the import definition displayed in the window.


Begins the importing process. The Import Status window will appear to indicate progress as the import is taking place, and displays a running total of the number of records imported and rejected.


Adds a constant value to the selected field in the scrolling window. To add a constant to a field, select a field in the Field Name column, then enter a value in the Constant field. Click Add to add the constant value to the selected field.


Removes a source field or a constant value from the scrolling window. To remove a source field or a constant value, select the field in the scrolling window and click Remove. The information in the Source and Data columns will be removed.

Source File lookup

Displays a file dialog box, allowing you to select the file from which to import data.

Destination Table lookup

Displays the Choose A Table window, where you can specify the product, series and table to use as a destination for the imported information.

Source Field lookup

Displays the Import Data Lookup window, where you can select a field in the source file. The field you select will be linked to the destination field that you've selected in the Field Name column in the import definition.

Definition ID lookup

Opens the Import Definition Lookup window, were you can select an existing import definition.