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Multicurrency management is supported only in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010. For details about currency translation and the configuration changes to make in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010, see Microsoft Dynamics GP Multicurrency Management.

Currency translation lets you report general ledger amounts in a currency that is not the functional currency or originating currency for a transaction. The general ledger functional amounts are translated using a currency translation type that is assigned to each account. For example, if the functional currency of your company is Pounds (GBP), but you are considering expanding to Canada, you can print your financial statements in Canadian dollars (CAD) to present to a potential partner. You can also use multicurrency management to generate reports in Canadian dollars.

You can generate multicurrency reports in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010, as well as in Management Reporter. Before you make any changes in Management Reporter, you must first open the Multicurrency Setupwindow in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 and enter the appropriate currency exchange information. After you have updated Microsoft Dynamics GP, you can configure the Currency Sourcefield in the column definition for the report. For more information about this procedure, see Format a multiple currency report in a column definition .

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