A measurement element is a query that defines the tables, fields and criteria that you want to use to compute the value of a measurement. Depending on the data source you want to use, you can define a standard query to extract data from a database associated with Microsoft Dynamics AX, or use a data link to extract data from an external database.

You can use the Wizard to create one or more elements for each measurement.

You link elements to a measurement by including them in the formula on the tab of the measurement to which they contribute. Depending on the complexity of the calculation you want to perform, you can include only one element, or link multiple elements together using the mathematical operators for add (+), subtract (-), multiply (*), and divide (/). The calculation results are posted to the measurement.

All active elements created for the measurement must be included in the formula or you are not able to simulate a measurement update, or update all measurement values automatically, though you can still post manually using a measurement journal.

Delete elements

You cannot delete an element from the overview once it has been used to post a transaction. If you no longer want to use an element, you can do the following:

  • Click > > and then select check boxes to indicate what you want to delete.

  • Make the element inactive to exclude it from the formula and thereby prevent its value from contributing toward the measurement by clearing the check box on the tab.

After transactions have been posted, the setup Wizard, as well as the and tabs, are no longer available.

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