When you hire multiple employees at one time, such as when you hire to meet a seasonal demand, it is useful to create a mass-hire project. Creating a mass-hire project is useful because you can apply the same setup to all people hired in the project. For each person you can define the following information:

  • Employee type

  • Organization unit and job

  • Absence setup

  • Termination notice

  • Seniority date

After you have created new lines for your mass-hire project, but before hiring, you can enter individualized data for each line. It is important that you verify all information before you click , because after you click the information cannot be modify.

Note Note

Before you can delete a project, you must first delete any associated lines.

Mass-hire project status

Use the button to manage the status of your project. The following table describes what you can do with a project according to its status.



You can create and modify information, but cannot create lines for the project. This is the default status for new projects.

You can modify all information and create, hire, and terminate project lines. This is the status for active projects.

You cannot modify information in closed projects. To make changes in the project data, open the project again. This is the status for completed projects.

Note Note

Before you can close a mass-hire project, all lines in the project must have either the status or .

Terminating employees in mass-hire projects

When the project is completed, you can also mass terminate all employees that were hired in the project. When you do this, specify a to explain the termination and assign a for the position.

If the ending date of the project is known, it can be used to determine the period for the termination notice.

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