This section provides information about the features and processes of the module.



Product Builder Introduction

Contains general information about the module and the prerequisites for working with it.

Product Builder key processes

Acquaints the user with the main processes maintained by the Product Builder.

Concepts and data flow

Introduces the main concepts that the user must know to work with Product Builder.

Preliminary setup

Recommends which settings to make before you start to work with the module.

Configurable items

Contains information about items that are configurable with the Product Builder.

Item modeling variables

Contains information about modeling variables and their setup.

Customer specific default values

Provides information about customer-specific default values and their setup.

Product models

Acquaints the user with the product models and the process for creating and adding variable groups and variables to a product model.

Validation rules

Contains information about validation rules, their types and creation.

Testing the product model's user dialog box

Informs the user how to test a created product model.

Set up price combinations

Provides information about how to set up price combinations for calculating the price of the configured item.

Modeling tree

Contains general information about the modeling tree and inserting nodes in the tree.


Informs the reader how to set up graphics for the product model.

Compile the product model

Contains information about different ways to compile product models.

Test the product model

Provides information about testing the product model.

Wizard for product model creation

Acquaints the reader with the wizard for product model creation.

Configuring items

Contains information about peculiarities of item configuring for different modules of Microsoft Dynamics AX.