Microsoft Dynamics AX provides tools to manage information that can help you comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

  • You can enter requirements for physical activity, visual acuity, and working conditions related to positions.

  • You can request and grant special accommodations needed to enable a person to perform tasks required by positions.

The U.S. government offers financial incentives, such as tax credits and deductions, to companies that provide special accommodations to workers with disabilities or hire disabled individuals that were referred by qualified governmental agencies.

To help you track information about the accommodations you extend, reporting features make the processes of collecting, maintaining, and retrieving this information from the system easier.

Recording physical requirements for position groups and positions

You can enter physical requirements related to position groups and positions, such as:

  • The level of physical activity required.

  • Specific physical requirements.

  • Requirements for visual acuity. This includes color, depth perception, and field of vision.

  • Work condition that a worker will be subject to. You can select one or more conditions in several categories.

If you enter information about a position group, you can then copy the information to positions assigned to the position group. This saves time when you set up new positions.

To print a checklist that contains the physical requirements information, select the position, click , and then .

To reset all physical retirements to their default settings, select the position and then click , and then .

About work environment accommodations

Accommodations represent changes to work environments or business operations that result in equal employment opportunity for a person with a disability. You can enter requests for special work environment accommodations made by employees and applicants in relation to one or more specific tasks required by a position. You can then evaluate whether the accommodation is reasonable, or if it will impose unnecessary cost, and then either grant or deny the accommodation request.

If you hire an applicant that you granted an accommodation for, the person keeps the accommodation information after he or she is hired.

Before you can start working with accommodations, you must first create one or more accommodation types. This allows you to sort accommodations by type to quickly find a particular accommodation.

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