You can record information from received employment applications in the form. Applications are typically submitted:

  • As hard copy documents delivered by mail or in person.

  • From the World Wide Web in response to a job advertisement.

Employment applications submitted by applicants on the World Wide Web can be generally divided into two categories:

  • Solicited applications- Applications received, for example, in response to a posted from a . Solicited applications are automatically related to the recruitment project from which the advertisement was created.

  • Unsolicited applications- General applications or those that were not submitted in relation to a specific recruitment project. Unsolicited applications are related to the project selected in the field on the tab in .

Move an application

In the form, you can move, or reassign, applications from one recruitment project to another by clicking the tab and then selecting the new project in the field.

Set application status

The box indicates where an application is in the recruitment process, and is updated automatically according to the correspondence action if the application is included in a merge file. You can manually set the status by clicking :


Indicates that the...

Application has been received and created.

A notice is sent to applicant to confirm receipt of their application.

An invitation to an interview is sent to the applicant.

A rejection letter is sent to the applicant.

A withdrawal confirmation is sent to the applicant. This value is assigned manually.

An employment offer is sent to the applicant.

Set a correspondence action

The field determines the type of merge file in which the application is included:


Used in a letter that...


No letter is to be printed for the applicant.

Confirms receipt of the application.

Invites the applicant for an interview.

Rejects employment.

Confirms employment.

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