As the initial step in the sales phase, quotations enable you to approach a prospect or a customer with an attractive binding offer.

The quotation may encompass many elements such as the items and services that will be quoted, basic contact information, special trade agreements and discounts, and possible taxes and surcharges.

Pipeline Management

Your ability to monitor, review, and to a degree control the pipeline of quotations and orders is an important part of customer relationship management. Various tools in Dynamics AX can help with this task. Tools such as correct metadata definitions (quotation types, quotation origin, quotation About quotation prognosisand quotation About quotation probability) help you analyze the pipeline. You can use these tools to categorize the reasons why a quotation was won or lost, who the competitors were, and what the possible value of the quotation was.

Most of this data can be viewed in various statistical outputs like reports or management statistics in the Sales and Marketing module.


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The topics in this section provide information about quotations.

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