Use skill mapping ( > > ) to search the network for employees, contact persons, and applicants who have a particular qualification. This is useful, for example, for finding someone who is qualified to perform a certain task, participate in a work group or occupy a certain position.

Include a person in skill mapping

You can specify whether or not an employee, applicant, or contact person can be included in skill mapping search.

  1. Open the , , or form.

  2. Click the tab and select or clear the check box.

Map skills by using origins

Using origins lets you define skill mapping criteria using selections from specific tables. The system searches the tables for values matching your criteria.

  1. In the dialog box, click to open a skill mapping query dialog box where you can define the criteria you want to use.

  2. In the query dialog box, select the tables and fields to use as criteria. The tables you can choose from are:

Map skills by using profiles

You can use skill mapping profiles ( > > ) to search for people with a given set of skills. You can design a profile to suit an exact need, or choose to base the search on an existing profile by retrieving the profile defined for one of the following:

  • - Searches for people with the same profile as a particular person in the network.

  • - Searches for people with the same profile as the one defined for a position.

  • - Searches for people with the profile defined for the course type.

You can view search results in a table, report, or graphic format.

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