1. Click > > > .

  2. Create a journal. For more information, see the first steps in Create and validate a journal and journal lines.

  3. Click , or press ALT+L. In the form, enter information about the first vendor invoice as explained in the following steps.

  4. By default, the field on the line contains the system date. If it is required, you can enter another date.

  5. Press the TAB key to move forward to the next field.

  6. Enter the information that is required for posting:

    • – The vendor account number.

    • – The vendor's invoice number.

    • or – Enter the invoice amount. Ordinarily, credit is used for purchases from a vendor, and debit is used for credit notes from a vendor.

    • – The ID code of the employee who will approve the invoice line.

  7. Enter information in other fields, such as or , as your manager requires.

  8. Click > to run a check that the line is ready for posting.

  9. Press CTRL+N to enter a new line, and repeat steps 4-8 for the next invoice.

  10. Continue steps 4-9 until all the invoices are entered.

    Note Note

    Instead of validating each line, you can periodically click > to run a check on all the lines.

  11. Click .

    Note Note

    If you receive an error message that mentions posting restrictions, you might be set up to post only journals that you created. For more information, see Posting restrictions (form).

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