1. Click >

  2. Select the objective to which the measurement is assigned, and then click .

  3. Select an item and click the tab.

  4. Under , select an element identification in the field to add it to the .

    The box displays all active elements for the measurement. The list is updated automatically, but you can click to ensure that all active elements are shown.

  5. In the box, complete the formula by including the mathematical operators (plus (+) for addition, minus (-) for subtraction, forward slash (/) for division, and asterisk (*) for multiplication) between the element identifications.

  6. Click to check the formula for errors.


You have created two elements for a measurement, one of which represents the total number of employees ( 100-1), and one of which represents the total number of employees who possess a Masters Degree ( 100-2). Once you have selected the two elements they appear in the box as [100-1] [100-2]. To calculate the percentage of employees with a Masters Degree, you must add the mathematical operators to the formula, which now appears as [100-2] / [100-1] * 100.

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