You can delete all or some Form I-9 information and the signed Form I-9 document for one or more employees.

  • To delete all I-9 information for one or more employees, use the Delete Personal Information Wizard. This wizard guides you through selecting the tables and fields that contain the data that you want to delete, and also any unwanted documents in the document management system.

  • To delete specific I-9 information for a specific employee, you can reset the I-9 document. You might do this if you discover a mistake, but want to keep the employee record. This resets the status of the I-9 document to draft, deletes an attached document, and deletes information in the , , and fields.

To delete all Form I-9 information for one or more employees

  1. Click > > > .

  2. Follow the instructions that are provided on each page of the wizard.

To reset I-9 information for a specific employee

  1. Click > Common Forms> > > .

  2. Click > .

Note Note

After you reset I-9 information, you must repeat the verification procedure.

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